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General Purpose Cables

High-quality Camplex general purpose cables address a variety of applications and meet rigorous industry standards.

Camplex Multimode Simplex LC to LC Armored Patch Cable
Armored Patch Cables

Lightweight and easy to handle, Camplex Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cables feature a stainless-steel tube wrapped around the ...

Compact, Lightweight Fiber Cable
Compact Multichannel Fiber Cables

Camplex multichannel fiber optic cables reduce the cost of connectivity and provide high performance for multiple ind ...

Camplex CMX-MTPMM MTP Single Mode or Multimode Fiber Cables with Plenum Rated Jackets
MTP Trunk Cables
Fiber trunk cables with MTP Elite connectors and plenum rated jackets run 12 strands in one cable to save space and installation time. For permanent installations for rack-to-rack connection, MTP chassis mount, fanout boxes, and fanout rack enclosures.


Available in single mode fiber and multimode fiber cable.


Camplex MMD50-LC-LC-001 Fiber Optic Patch Cables Multimode Duplex LC to LC Fiber
Patch Cables
Fiber optic patch cables connect fiber optic patch panels and high-speed network devices. Camplex patch cables are fully tested to ensure reliable performance in critical applications. Available in single mode fiber and multimode fiber cable, simplex or duplex, and a variety of standard fiber optic connectors.



Camplex HFPM310LCLC0100 10-Channel LC OM3 Multimode Plenum LC Fiber Optic Cable 100 Foot
Plenum Cables
Lightweight, plenum multimode fiber optic cable assemblies are designed for trunking, LAN, and distribution in rack to rack, floor to floor, and building to building applications such as in ducts, plenums, and air-handling spaces. Indoor/outdoor plenum cable is UV, water, and chemical and crush resistant for harsh industrial environments. 


Available with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 18, 24 channels, LC, SC, or ST standard fiber connectors, and OM1 or OM3 multimode fiber configurations

Camplex Single Mode Multimode LC Fiber Optic 1x2 Splitter Cable- 1 Foot
Splitter Cables
 Passive fused fiber optic splitter cables are used to split optical signal for routing to multiple devices, inputs, or fiber patch panels with LC fiber standard connectors. Not designed for combining optical signals. Can be used as alternate inputs when designing for optical budget losses.

Available in single mode fiber and multimode fiber cable.

1x2 splitters provide 100 to 50/50 split  
1x3 splitters provide 100 to 33/33/33 split