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Accessories & Hardware

Complete your fiber optic systems with Camplex hardware and accessories for clear and reliable data transmission.

Blackmagic Design Converter Accessories

Blackmagic Design Converter Accessories

Blackmagic Design is renowned for their professional video production equipment. Camplex has developed conv ...

Couplers, Adapters & Connectors

Couplers, Adapters & Connectors

Camplex couplers provide the link between networking devices in any high-speed, long distance fiber infrast ...

Rack Mounts & Accessories

Rack Mounts & Accessories

Whatever or wherever your broadcast rackmount requirements are, Camplex has a wide range of hardware includ ...

Testing, Cleaning & Installation Tools

Testing, Cleaning & Installation Tools

All fiber optical cable contacts require cleaning EVERY time they are inserted into a device’s output ...

CMX-CWDM-3C5557 3 Channel CWDM Multiplexers

CWDM Multiplexers / Demultiplexers

Easily add more channels to existing fiber infrastructure with bi-directional, passive CMX-CWDM coarse wavelength division ...

CMX-SPTR-12 12 Position Fiber Plastic Splice Board with Peel and Stick Backing

Splice Trays

Metal and plastic splice tray options available. Fusion splice kit allows for field termination to existing SMPTE cables with LEMO fusion splice connectors.

WPL-1214 1-Gand Stainless Steel Wall Plate with Dust Cap

Wall Plates

Camplex 1-Gang stainless steel wall plates are available with many different fiber connector options. Mounting holes are countersunk and spaced in order to center the plate on standard 1-gang electrical wall boxes. Single mode or multimode.

Camplex stainless steel wall plates are made exclusively by My Custom Shop, and are available with a variety of connector options- both Single Mode and Multimode.

Check out My Custom Shop here.

Camplex BLKJCK-PTAP-Y Power Adapter P-TAP Y Cables

Power Adapters - P-TAP Y Cables

Anton Bauer Power Tap Male Connectors. Made with quality components and available in the following configurations:

  • 2.5mm DC Plug & Pigtails to P-TAP
  • 2.5mm DC & 2.1mm DC to P-TAP
  • Dual 2.5mm DC to P-TAP
  • 4 Pin XLR & 2.5mm DC to P-TAP