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Fiber Optic Loss Budget Calculator

To determine the total insertion loss of your fiber optic installation, plug in the values of each field that will affect your systems' performance in the form below. Your total link loss will be automatically calculated.

The loss budget has two uses

  1. During the design stage it is used to ensure that the cabling being designed will work with the links to be used over it
  2. After installation, the loss budget is compared to the calculated loss to test results to ensure the cable is installed properly

More Information About Loss Budget

Fiber Optic Association, Inc.
Cabling Installation & Maintenance


Note: Additional loss will occur when using non GMR-326 Core cables due to random mating errors and when cable ends are damaged or have dirt or dust on them.

This calculator is designed to create an estimated link loss and should be used with other standard industry tools. Camplex assumes no liability for issues that may arise if using the above calculations in system design.