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Tactical Cables

Broadcasters depend on rugged Camplex tactical cables to provide reliable performance in harsh environments.

Camplex CMX-X3Q QPC QFoca Fiber Optic Assemblies

These tactical Camplex assemblies feature QPC's QFoca Hermaphroditic Tactical Connector Line engin ...

Camplex HF-ENG4LC-0250 4 Channel Single Mode LC Fiber & 3 Channel XLR Audio ENG Tactical Reel

Hybrid ENG Reels

Designed for outside broadcast and live event production, the HF-ENG hybrid tactical fiber optic camera c...
Camplex CMX-TS02LC-0010 2 Channel LC Fiber Single Mode Tactical Cable

Multi-Channel Cables & Reels

HF-TRP04LC-0500 4 Channel Tactical Fiber Cable on Reel

Pro-Tac Reel Series

Pro-Tac single mode tactical fiber optic cable series with polyurethane jacket on a reel features fanout...
Camplex CMX-TACNGO Signal Extender & Tactical Reel System

Signal Extender & Reel Systems

Convert and extend 4K HD/3G/6G/12G-SDI, HDMI, 100BaseT Ethernet, and audio signals over tactical fiber op...
Camplex HF-M1-LCF-SCM TAC1 Tactical Fiber Adapter Cable

TAC1 Adapter Cables

Strong, lightweight and durable tactical fiber adapter cables are designed with military TAC1 cable for r...
Camplex HF-T1M1-LC-0010 Simplex OM1 Multimode LC Fiber Optic Tactical Cable 10 Foot

TAC1 Cables

The single channel TAC1 tactical fiber optic cable with a polyurethane jacket is designed for broadcast ...
HF-TR1M1-LC-1000 TAC1 Simplex 1 Channel OM1 Multimode LC Fiber Optic Tactical Cable Reel 1000 Foot

TAC1 Reels

The single channel TAC1 tactical fiber optic cable preloaded on a reel with a polyurethane jacket is des...
CMX-TASST-0025 TAC-ALL 12 Channel Mixed Mode Fiber Optic Tactical Cable

Mixed Mode Cables

TAC-ALL fiber optic cables include 12 channels of varied mode fibers in a single jacket: six single mode...