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TAC1 Reels

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HF-TR1M1-LC-1000 TAC1 Simplex 1 Channel OM1 Multimode LC Fiber Optic Tactical Cable Reel 1000 Foot

TAC1 HF-TR1 Tactical Cables on Reels The single channel TAC1 tactical fiber optic cable preloaded on a reel with a polyurethane jacket is designed for broadcast and pro-audio applications requiring an outdoor rated crush and impact resistant design. Assemblies are machine polished and interferometer tested to industry standards.
Available in single mode or multimode fiber with a variety of connector options and various lengths.

Due to varying cable diameters and lengths, Camplex reel assemblies will include different features to protect and manage cable ends such as coiling rings, hinged latching doors, or slotted disk dividers.

  •  Premium Senko connectors
  •  Lightweight and durable tactical fiber optic cable
  •  Crush and impact resistance
  •  Single mode or multimode fiber
  •  Polyurethane core-locked outer jacket
  •  Typical RL RL-55dB and IL<0.25dB
  •  500µm primary acrylate buffer with 900µm secondary hard elastomeric buffer (Ultra-Fox Plus) 
  •  Indoor/outdoor rated jacket