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MTP Cables

Camplex MTP cables simplify connections and save space for AV or data transmission requiring multiple signal paths.

Camplex CMX-MTPMM & CMX-MTPSM MTP ST or LC 12 Fiber Breakout Cables

MTP Breakout Cables

An MTP breakout cable assembly is used to convert an MTP (Multi-Fiber Push-On) connector into individu ...

Camplex CMX-MTPMM MTP Single Mode or Multimode Fiber Cables with Plenum Rated Jackets

MTP Trunk Cables

An MTP trunk cable assembly is a high-density fiber optic trunk cable that uses MTP (Multi-Fiber Push- ...

Camplex CMX-OCMTPM025 opticalCON MTP OM3 Multimode 12 Fiber Cable  - 30 Meters

Cables & Reels – opticalCON MTP

This rugged Neutrik opticalCON cable saves space for outdoor field deployable broadcast AV applications a...