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CAMPLEX Fiber Optic Solutions

DRAGONFLY opticalCON Cables

Camplex HF-NO fiber cables with Neutrik's DRAGONFLY connectors and Furukawa ‘s highly durable and reliable fiber cable provide superior performance for all TV camera broadcasting in sports stadiums, outside broadcast trucks, ENG crews, and major entertainment venues. Find out how easy it is to clean the DRAGONFLY connector Here. 

Watch the Assembly Videos: Crimping, IP68, XB2 


SMPTE Cables
SMPTE Cables

Camplex SMPTE fiber optic cables deliver the clarity and high performance that broadcast professionals require. From breakout cables and adapters, power and signal extenders to camera cable jumpers and LEMO fiber connectors Camplex has everything you need.

opticalCON Cables
As a Neutrik Certified opticalCON Cable Assembler, Camplex builds high-grade cables in multiple configurations.
MTP Cables
MTP Cables

Camplex MTP cables simplify connections and save space for AV or data transmission requiring multiple signal paths.

General Purpose Cables
High-quality Camplex general purpose cables address a variety of applications and meet rigorous industry standards.
Tactical Cables

Broadcasters depend on rugged Camplex tactical cables to provide reliable performance in harsh environments.

Converters & Extenders

Ensure secure signal transmission interfaces over long distances with Camplex fiber converters & extenders.

Accessories & Hardware
Complete your fiber optic systems with Camplex hardware and accessories for clear and reliable data transmission.