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CAMPLEX Fiber Optic Solutions

SMPTE Cables
SMPTE Cables

Camplex SMPTE fiber optic cables deliver the clarity and high performance that broadcast professionals require.

opticalCON Cables
As a Neutrik Certified opticalCON Cable Assembler, Camplex builds high-grade cables in multiple configurations.
MTP Cables
MTP Cables

Camplex MTP cables simplify connections and save space for AV or data transmission requiring multiple signal paths.

General Purpose Cables
High-quality Camplex general purpose cables address a variety of applications and meet rigorous industry standards.
Tactical Cables

Broadcasters depend on rugged Camplex tactical cables to provide reliable performance in harsh environments.

Converters & Extenders
Ensure secure signal transmission interfaces over long distances with Camplex converters & extenders.
Accessories & Hardware
Complete your fiber optic systems with Camplex hardware and accessories for clear and reliable data transmission.