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MTP Trunk Cables

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Camplex CMX-MTPMM MTP Single Mode or Multimode Fiber Cables with Plenum Rated Jackets Camplex CMX-MTPMM MTP Single Mode or Multimode Fiber Cables with Plenum Rated Jackets

An MTP trunk cable assembly is a high-density fiber optic trunk cable that uses MTP (Multi-Fiber Push-On) connectors on both ends. Fiber trunk cables are designed to provide a quick and efficient way to connect multiple fibers between networking devices or optical patch panels. MTP fiber trunk cables come in different fiber counts, with 12 and 24 fibers being the most common configurations.

MTP fiber trunk cables are used to establish fast, reliable, and high-bandwidth connections between network switches, servers, and other optical networking equipment. They are commonly used for high-speed data transmission in data centers, enterprise networks, telecommunications networks, and other applications that require efficient fiber connectivity.

When an MTP fiber optic trunk cable is connected to equipment or patch panels, it provides multiple fiber connections in a single plug, streamlining the cabling infrastructure and reducing the overall cable management complexity.

Camplex CMX-MTPMM & CMX-MTPSM 12 Strand Trunk Cables are fiber trunk cables with MTP Elite connectors and plenum rated jackets. They run 12 strands in one cable to save space and installation time. For permanent installations for rack-to-rack connection, MTP chassis mount, fanout boxes, and fanout rack enclosures.

Available in single mode fiber and multimode fiber cable.

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  •  OFNP plenum rated cable jacket
  •  Low loss MTP Elite male connectors
  •  12 strand fiber optic fanout
  •  2mm furcated breakouts
  •  Space saving multi-fiber cable reduces cleaning & install time
  •  US Connec MTP Elite connectors
  •  Low insertion loss and optimized optical return loss values
  •  Designed for permanent breakout installations
  •  Single mode or multimode fiber