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Hybrid ENG Reels

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Camplex HF-ENG4LC-0250 4 Channel Single Mode LC Fiber & 3 Channel XLR Audio ENG Tactical Reel

Hybrid ENG Reels

Designed for outside broadcast and live event production, the HF-ENG hybrid tactical fiber optic camera cable is pre-loaded on a reel and features 4 channels over single mode connections for camera send and receive, and 3 balanced XLR lines for audio transmission and intercom. This series is made with outdoor rated tactical fiber cable and multichannel audio for any camera utilizing a portable SDI over fiber field transmission system. Shielded audio pairs prevent mic and line level signal crosstalk and external interference. Audio channels feature industry standard Neutrik XLR connections for the most reliable audio interconnect.. 

Rugged metal reels feature a larger drum designed for fiber bend radius requirements and rubber grommets that protect fanouts and provide easy access. The 3-position cam-lock brake allows for secure cable positioning.

Available options:
4 Channel ST
4 Channel LC
2 Channel ST & 2 Channel LC
4 Channel opticalCON QUAD


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  •  Designed for SDI camera cable deployment
  •  Four channels over single mode fiber 
  •  Three balanced XLR audio channels
  •  ENG pre-loaded tactical fiber optic cable
  •  Rugged metal reel with 3-position Cam-Lock brake
  •  Neutrik opticalCON QUAD & 3-Pin XLR connectors
  •  Senko premium connectors
  •  Outdoor rated cable with shielded audio pairs
  •  Insertion loss <= 0.5dB
  •  Return loss <= 45dB