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TAC1 Cables

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Camplex HF-T1M1-LC-0010 Simplex OM1 Multimode LC Fiber Optic Tactical Cable 10 Foot

TAC1 HF-T1 Tactical Cables The single channel TAC1 tactical fiber optic cable with a polyurethane jacket is designed for broadcast and pro-audio applications requiring an outdoor rated crush and impact resistant design. Assemblies are machine polished and interferometer tested to industry standards.

Available in single mode or multimode fiber with a variety of connector options and various lengths.

  •  Premium Senko  connectors
  •  Lightweight and durable tactical fiber optic cable
  •  Crush and impact resistance
  •  Single mode or multimode fiber
  •  Polyurethane core-locked outer jacket
  •  Typical RL RL-55dB and IL<0.25dB
  •  500µm primary acrylate buffer with 900µm secondary hard elastomeric buffer (Ultra-Fox Plus) 
  •  Indoor/outdoor rated jacket