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Couplers, Adapters & Connectors

Camplex couplers provide the link between networking devices in any high-speed, long distance fiber infrastructure and are available in a variety of configurations. We recommend using dust caps to keep your connections clean and clear with Camplex dust caps that are available for many different connector types.

HF-FIBERMMA-KIT Multimode Fiber Optic Adapter Kit

Coupler & Adapter Kits

Single mode and multimode fiber optic cable adapter kits include a variety of fiber optic adapters and d...
FOA-LC-LC-DM LC to LC Multimode Duplex Fiber Optic Coupler Adapter Bronze Sleeve

Couplers & Adapters

Standard fiber optic connectors are available in single mode, multimode, simplex, and duplex configuratio...
SMCAP-2 Protective cap for LEMO FUW SMPTE 304M hybrid fiber opticplug connector

Dust Caps

Protective metal dust caps and plastic dust caps are available for standard fiber connectors with lanyard...
CMX-ST-ST-SM D-Mount Single Mode / Multimode ST Feedthrough Coupler

Feedthrough Couplers

Feedthrough couplers provide the link between fiber optic network equipment and connections in a varie ...

Camplex Quick Assembly Connectors for single mode SC-APC, single mode SC-UPC, & multimode SC-UPC

Quick Assembly Connectors

A fast and efficient method for terminating fiber optic cable in the field or in the studio. The connect...