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Testing, Cleaning & Installation Tools

All fiber optical cable contacts require cleaning EVERY time they are inserted into a device’s outputs or inputs. Failure to clean the contacts can damage the unit’s optics over time and render the cable and the device useless. Camplex offers many cleaning and testing products to extend the life cycle of your fiber optic cables such as the Camplex OPTIEYE, an indispensable fiber cleaning accessory for opticalCON connectors.

PULLEYE-1 Cable Puller Simplex & Duplex Fiber Optic Cables
Cable Pullers
PULLEYE-1 - Pulling Eye for Simplex & Duplex Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
Protect cables that can b ...
FIBERCLEAN-1 Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit for LEMO SMPTE 304/311M Hybrid Connectors
Fiber Connector Cleaning Kits
Our fiber connector cleaning kits are designed by broadcast professionals for Lemo SMPTE 311M and opticalCON/LC connector cleaning.

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Camplex CMX-OPTIEYE opticalCON Shutter Restraint for Connector Cleaning
OPTIEYE opticalCon Cleaning Tool
The Camplex CMX-OPTIEYE is an easy-to-use shutter restraint specifically designed to assist in inspecting and cleaning Neutrik opticalCON cable end connectors.

The OPTI-EYE allows you to hold the shutter open while viewing or cleaning the fiber, which is a necessary step to assure quality signal transmission. No disassembly is required.

Made of anodized aluminum, this durable mechanism is an essential addition to all fiber cleaning kits.

Compatible with Neutrik opticalCON DUO, opticalCON QUAD, opticalCON MTP, and opticalCON SPLIT connectors.