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Testing, Cleaning & Installation Tools

All fiber optical cable contacts require cleaning EVERY time they are inserted into a device’s outputs or inputs. Failure to clean the contacts can damage the unit’s optics over time and render the cable and the device useless. Camplex offers many cleaning and testing products to extend the life cycle of your fiber optic cables such as the Camplex OPTIEYE, an indispensable fiber cleaning accessory for opticalCON connectors.

PULLEYE-1 Cable Puller Simplex & Duplex Fiber Optic Cables
Cable Pullers

PULLEYE-1 - Pulling Eye for Simplex & Duplex Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
Protect cables that ...

Camplex One Click Cleaners for Fiber Optic Connectors
Cleaning Tools

One-Click Cleaners improve fiber optic performance by removing contaminiation, such as oils, dust, and dirt particles, without damaging the fiber end face. Onc-click cleaners rotate 180 degrees for use on connectors in adapters, devices, and panels.

Models available:

CMX-TL-1401 LC Connector Cleaning

CMX-TL-1402 SC and ST Connector Cleaning

CMX-TL-1403 MTP/MPO Connector Cleaning

CMX-TL-1404 SMPTE Connector Cleaning with Two Tips - one for sockets & one for plugs (instructions for use, click here)

Disposable cleaning sticks and cleaning wipes  for fiber optic connectors.

Disposable cleaning sticks and wipes improve fiber optic performance by removing contamination such as oils, dust and dirt particles and are idea for use in the field or in the studio.

Cleaning Sticks feature a dry flexible cloth tip in convenient 100 packs. Available in two versions: 1.25mm tip or 2.5mm tip.

Cleaning Wipes are available in two versions:

  • Pre-saturated with isopropanol for general cleaning, fiber optic end face cleaning. Opens to 4.75 x 6.50 inches, in a 50 pack
  • Biodegradable dry versions: 4 x 4 inches or 10 x 10 inches, both in a 100 pack
FIBERCLEAN-1 Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit for LEMO SMPTE 304/311M Hybrid Connectors
Fiber Connector Cleaning Kits
Our fiber connector cleaning kits are designed by broadcast professionals for Lemo SMPTE 311M and opticalCON/LC connector cleaning. 


FIBERCLEAN-1: Nonflammable Fiber Optic 5 oz Cleaner Spray, Cottom Swabs 100 Pack, One-Click Cleaning Tool for 2.0mm Ferrules, LEMO SMPTE Hybrid Alignment Tool, Lint Free Wipes with Zippered Nylon Tote. Instructions for use of cleaning tool, click here.

FIBERCLEAN-1-INT: Nonflammable Fiber Optic 3 oz Cleaner Spray, 100 Pack 4x4 Lint-Free Wipes, LEMO SMPTE Hybrid Alignment Tool, Cotton Swabs, One-Click Cleaning Tool for 2.0mm Ferrules with Zippered Nylon Tote. Instructions for use of cleaning tool, click here.

FIBERCLEAN-2: Nonflammable Fiber Optic 3 oz Cleaner Spray, CleanStixx Swabs for 1.25mm LC & MCU Fiber 50 Pack, One Click LC Connector Cleaner, Lint Free Wipes 100Pk, Camplex OPTIEYE with Zippered Nylon Tote

FIBERCLEAN-3: Nonflammable Fiber Optic Cleaner 3 oz Spray, Fiber-Wash MX Fiber Optic Cleaner Pen with cleaning platform wipes, XMT CleanStixx Swabs 50 Pack

CMX-TL-1601: Inspection Scope (1.25/2.5mm) with batteries, 2.5mm One-Click Cleaner, 1.5mm One-Click Cleaner, Cassette Cleaner with replacement cartridge, Take Up Spool, Automatic Fluid Dispenser, Cleaning Wipes with Carrying Case

Cassette Dry Tape Cleaner Cassette for Fiber Optic Connectors
Fiber Optic Cleaning Cassette

The Camplex CMX-TL-1101 cassette cleaner improves fiber optic performance by removing contamination, such as oils, dust and dirt particles, efficiently and quickly. Housed in a self-contained, durable plastic enclosure, this accessory is an essential cleaning tool for the studio or in the field. Service Life: up to 500 Cleanings per Cassette

Inspection Tool Visual Fault Locator finds breaks, severe bends, and discontinuities in fiber optic cables
Inspection Tools

Visual Fault Locator inspection tools find breaks, severe bends, and discontinuties in fiber optic cables. Both models are housed in a durable aluminum enclosure and feature an LED power indicator and two operating modes, CW, or continuous wave, for a steady fault illumination or GLINT which produces a modulated output.

CMX-TL-1501 includes a belt holster and 2 AA batteries 

CMX-TL-1502 includes a zippered carrying case, metal dust cap, and 2 AA batteries

Camplex CMX-OPTIEYE opticalCON Shutter Restraint for Connector Cleaning
OPTIEYE opticalCon Cleaning Tool
The Camplex CMX-OPTIEYE is an easy-to-use shutter restraint specifically designed to assist in inspecting and cleaning Neutrik opticalCON cable end connectors.

The OPTI-EYE allows you to hold the shutter open while viewing or cleaning the fiber, which is a necessary step to assure quality signal transmission. No disassembly is required.

Made of anodized aluminum, this durable mechanism is an essential addition to all fiber cleaning kits.

Compatible with Neutrik opticalCON DUO, opticalCON QUAD, opticalCON MTP, and opticalCON SPLIT connectors.