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Field Fiber Termination Kit

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The Camplex CMX-TL-1602 field fiber termination kit is the perfect kit for all fiber professionals. Complete in a compact and durable cross-body bag, the CMX-TL-1602 includes all the necessary fiber field termination equipment you need to get you out of any bind and ensure success in the field!



 (1) x High Precision Fiber Cleaver

 (1) x Three-hole Fiber Cable Stripper

 (1) x Fiber Kevlar and Aramid Yarns Shears

 (1) x 5mW Visual Fault Locator

 (1) x 2.5mm to 1.25mm Visual Fault Locator Connector

 (1) x 250ml Alcohol Dispenser Bottle

 (1) x 100pk Cleanroom Wipes

 (1) x Compact Cross-Body Carrying Bag