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Compact Multichannel Fiber Cables

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Compact, Lightweight Fiber Cable Compact, Lightweight Fiber Cable Compact, Lightweight Fiber Cable Compact, Lightweight Fiber Cable

Camplex multichannel fiber optic cables reduce the cost of connectivity and provide high performance for multiple indoor or outdoor deployments in patching, device interconnection, field production, and permanent installations.

With a compact and lightweight design, these general purpose cables are crush resistant and highly flexible, making them ideal for installations where space is limited. All assemblies are multi-stage machine polished and tested for <.55db RL.

Available in 2-channel or 4-channel, single mode or multimode, with LC, SC, or ST configurations in a variety of lengths as well as pre-spooled on reels. Rugged, lightweight, high-impact cable reel maintains critical bend radius necessary for fiber optic cables.


  •  Flexible & Crush Resistant Cable
  •  High Performance in Areas with Limited Space
  •  For Indoor and Outdoor Use
  •  Rugged Cable Retention Utilizing Aramid Yarn Strength member
  •  Tight Buffered Fiber with Polyurethane Outer Sheath
  •  Compact, Low-Loss Senko Connectors
  •  Pull-Proof Design Ensures Repeated Mating
  •  Rugged Reel Maintains Bend Radius of Cable
  •  Minimal Bending Radius:  3 cm 2 Fiber / 3.5cm 4 Fiber
  •  Nominal OD: 3.0mm 2 Fiber / 3.5mm 4 Fiber
  •  Operating Temperature: 0 to +70°C 2 Fiber / -20 to +75° 4 Fiber