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Camplex OPTIEYE Shutter Restraint for Neutrik OpticalCON Cable End Connector Inspection & Cleaning

Today, we’re excited to talk about a cool tool called the Camplex OptiEye. This nifty gadget has a Neutrik opticalCON shutter release mechanism that's perfect for keeping your DUO, QUAD, or MTP cables clean.

In the past, we showed you how to release the housing to expose the fiber optics, but we know that can be tricky or even risky in some situations. That's why we came up with the OptiEye. It's a simple release mechanism that safely exposes the fiber optics so you can easily clean them.

With the OptiEye, you can use one-click cleaners for LC and tidy up each fiber optic lead. It's a breeze! Now, you've got a clean fiber-optic cable on one side – but remember, always clean both sides.

This handy tool was crafted by the smart folks at Camplex, and you can learn more about it at Keep those fiber connectors in top-notch shape with the OptiEye!