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Camplex Fiber Tech Tip - Neutrik opticalCON Dustcap Removal

Today, we’ll show you how easy it is to deal with fiber optic cables. We're focusing on Neutrik opticalCON fiber connectors. To remove the dustcap, just put two fingers on both sides of the couple ring, grab the dustcap, and pull back – simple! This trick works for most Neutrik opticalCON connectors, whether DUOs or QUADS.

When connecting to a HYDAP chassis mount Neutrik version, remember to pull back and remove the cap. Before plugging in, always clean and inspect your cables. It's as easy as using two fingers on the side to pull back and remove the connector. Don't forget, cleaning and inspecting your cables is essential every time you plug them in.

For more info on this and other fiber optic cable types, check out or find us on social media @CamplexFiber.