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Neutrik opticalCON DRAGONFLY Hybrid Camera Connector System

Discover the Dragonfly, a cutting-edge technology from Neutrik, bringing innovation to the world of fiber optics. Dragonfly uses a special type of fiber called single-mode fiber, which allows it to transmit light signals more efficiently than traditional multi-mode fiber. This advanced fiber optic cable ensures a clearer and faster connection for various applications.

Unlike regular connectors, Dragonfly uses an expanded beam ferrule, providing a larger surface area for transmitting light. This means it's less sensitive to dust particles, making it easier to maintain. The technology boasts a low insertion loss of 0.6 dB, outperforming other expanded beam solutions in the market.

One outstanding feature is the ease of cleaning. Forget about complex cleaning processes; Dragonfly only needs canned air, making maintenance simple and cost-effective. Its rugged design can withstand challenging conditions, making it ideal for use in stadiums, universities, and broadcast stations.

Neutrik has collaborated with camera manufacturers like Sony, Grass Valley, Panasonic, Ikegami, and Hitachi to integrate Dragonfly into their systems. The Dragonfly footprint is compatible with existing LEMO OpticalCON systems, making it easy to upgrade.

Camplex, the certified Dragonfly assembler in the U.S., provides various adapters and cables for seamless integration into different environments. Whether you're working in broadcasting, live events, or medical applications, Dragonfly's versatility ensures a reliable and efficient fiber optic solution.

In summary, Dragonfly introduces a new era in fiber optic technology with its single-mode fiber, expanded beam ferrule, and easy maintenance features. Upgrade to Dragonfly for a faster, more robust, and user-friendly fiber optic experience.