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Camplex LEMO FUW PUW Low Profile 4 2mm SMPTE Hybrid Fiber Steadicam Camera Cable

We want to tell you about our cool new product, the Steadicam assembly. This isn't your average cable - it's a FUW PUW cable using the Mohawk M97176 miniature composite video cable. It's got two fibers and control conductors, but what's special is it doesn't have those internal strength members. That means it's super flexible and light, perfect for jibs, camera control arms, and Steadicam operations. It's a fantastic little cable that our customers asked for, and we made it happen.

This cable is a hit with customers because it's just what they asked for – flexible and light. If you're curious, you can find these cables in stock at So, whether you're into fiber connectors or fiber optic cables, this could be the cable you've been looking for!