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Camplex Fiber Tech Tip - LC Fiber Duplex Simplex Connector Conversion HD

Today, we want to talk about fiber optic cable types of duplex and simplex. Both are single mode cables. The simplex has one LC connector, while the duplex has two LC connectors held together by a mating sleeve. The cool trick is that you can separate the duplex cable into two, turning it into two simplex cables.

To do this, you gently pull apart the connectors, and you'll see a mating clip holding them together. This lets you use the cables in simplex mode or combine two separate simplex cables to make them duplex. If you ever need to switch from A to A wiring to A to B wiring, you can easily do so by switching one end of the cable. You can identify the type of wiring by the color of the shrink tube or furcation at the back of the boot, either yellow or white.

So, you can unzipper your duplex cable to get a simplex cable. These tips and tricks can save you money and time in the field, making you look like a hero. Understanding your fiber optic cable and fiber connectors can be a game-changer in solving wiring issues on site.