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How To Inspect and Clean ST & LC Fiber Optic Tactical Snake Cables

Today, we'll talk about keeping your fiber optic equipment in top shape. We're focusing on a special cable called TAC-4, a 4-channel fiber-optic snake. Cleaning these cables is important, and I'll share some easy steps.

First, we’ll use one-click cleaners, but sometimes they don't get all the dirt off. So, the next step is dry cleaning with gentle wipes. You do this three times, checking for any remaining dirt. Then, we use Chemtronics QBE wipes with their electro wash PX solution. Apply a little, wipe from wet to dry three times, let it air dry, and check again.

If there's still some dirt, here's a neat trick from our fiber lab. Dampen the pad a bit more, apply it to the cable, and then dry wipe. This helps get rid of stubborn dirt, keeping your fiber-optic cable super clean.

These simple tips will make sure your fiber optic cables work well and last a long time in the field. Remember, fiber optic maintenance and clean cables mean better performance!