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Introducing the Camplex Field Fiber Termination Backpack

Erik from Camplex is here to introduce their cool new kit for working with fiber optic equipment. Inside this awesome backpack, you'll discover handy tools like a precision cleave for splicing, a ruggedized fiber mat, cable cutters, and a jacket splitter for armored cables. There's also a marking pen, universal screwdriver set, fiber optic strippers, and more!

And guess what? They've got your cable equipment needs covered with a VFL for checking your termination, adapters for different cable sizes, and even a headlamp for those dimly lit areas. Safety first, though – don't forget the sturdy needle nose pliers and safety glasses. Once you're done, use the optical loss tester to ensure everything is in tip-top shape.

But that's not all! This kit also comes with extras like kevlar scissors, wipes, and an alcohol dispenser. Plus, there's plenty of room in the backpack for anything else you might need during your field terminations.

So, if you're into fiber equipment, check out Camplex at or on social media @CamplexFiber. Thanks for watching!