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Camplex Blackjack Pro Headset Adapter for Blackmagic ATEM Converter

Today, we’re going to talk about a cool product called the Camplex Active Push-to-Talk (APTT) series. It's like a special battery-powered belt pack that makes talking on intercom systems better, especially for ATEM camera converters from Black Magic.

Here's the deal: Black Magic has this awesome converter that sends video and audio through the fiber optic cable. The catch is, it works best with computer-style headsets, which might not be the most comfortable or have great sound quality.

Enter the Camplex Active Push-to-Talk! This nifty gadget lets you swap out the computer-style headset for a Telex headset, like the PH8R series. Just plug in the headset, connect the belt pack to your ATEM, and voila! Now, you have a cool active belt pack with a push-to-talk button. When you press the button, a light comes on, and you can control the volume in your ear set and the microphone's gain.

The best part is, Camplex offers these belt packs in different fiber connector types—four pin or five pin, male or female. So, whether you have Telex, Clear Com, Beyerdynamic, or any other professional headset, you can make it work with your Black Magic ATEM system.

This setup is fantastic for events like concerts or high school productions. You can use it in front of the house, and it's great for communication. The Camplex Active Push-to-Talk is like a magic tool that turns your regular party line into a professional intercom with volume control and gain.

If you're interested, check out Camplex's website at for more info.