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Improve Fiber Optic Performance

Did You Know?

A 1 micrometer dust particle on a single mode core can completely block the fiber core? By comparison, a typical human hair is 50 to 75 micrometers.

Fiber Cable Construction

Connector End Face Cleaning

Fiber optic connectors can be contaminated by dust, oils from human hands, film residue (condensed from vapors in the air), and powdery coatings left after water or other solvents evaporate.

Fiber End Face Cleaning

Cleaning Tools

All fiber optical cable contacts require cleaning EVERY time they are inserted into a device's outputs or inputs. Failure to clean the contacts can damage the unit's optics over time and render the cable and the device useless.

Camplex offers cleaning products to extend the life cycle of your fiber optic cables including the Camplex OPTIEYE, an indispensable fiber cleaning accessory for opticalCON connectors.

See the video below for more information: