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DRAGONFLY to Fiber & Power Breakouts

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DRAGONFLY to Fiber and Power Breakouts DRAGONFLY to Fiber and Power Breakouts DRAGONFLY to Fiber and Power Breakouts

The DRAGONFLY to fiber & power breakout cable series provides an easy way to adapt existing inline ST, LC, or SC fiber system to the Neutrik DRAGONFLY system for a rugged and easy to clean infrastructure.

Choose Male or Female DRAGONFLY connector to SC, ST, or LC fiber breakout.

Choice of Power Breakout
No Power
5 Pin AMP
6 Pin AMP
8 Pin AMP
Blunt Lead
5 Pin RG
6 Pin RG
8 Pin RG Chassis Mount

Configure your DRAGONFLY cable below.

Dragonfly Connector:

Fiber Breakout:

Power Breakout:

  •  Robust & Reliable Hybrid Camera Signal Transmission
  •  Transmit UHD 4K & 8K Signals with Very Low Loss
  •  Unique Lensed DRAGONFLY Connectors- Easy Cleaning with Compressed Air & Water
  •  Premium Senko Duplex LC Connectors
  •  Furukawa’s TV Camera Optical Cable Provides Maximum Bendability
  •  Excellent Flexing and Twist Capabilities
  •  Superior Load Bearing
  •  Comply with SMPTE Standards
  •  Dustproof & Waterproof According to IP68 in Mated State
  •  Bend Radius: 15mm
  •  Ultra-High Abrasion Resistance
  •  DRAGONFLY Connectors - Long Life - 10,000 Mating Cycles
  •  Low Loss ST, LC, SC Connectors

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