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Hook and Loop Cable Cable Ties

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Those looking for a tidy and efficient solution for managing cables and preventing them from tangling often rely on a cable loop. Hook and loop cable ties are designed with two main components: a hook side and a loop side. When pressed together, these create a secure and adjustable closure. The hook and loop mechanism allows for easy opening and closing, making the cable loop a reusable and convenient cable management solution.

Manage and secure countless small to medium cable bundles with the Camplex branded hook and loop cable ties. The durable and stylized 12mm by 180mm wraps are the optimal solution for your bundling and cable management needs. Camplex hook and loop cable ties are available in bulk quantities of 10 to 2500 for any application.


  • Two-sided hook and loop
  • Passthrough


  • 12mm (.4 Inch) wide
  • 180mm (7 Inch) long
  • Reusable