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Utilizing the latest fiber lens and fusion splicing technology, Camplex HF-NO fiber cables with Neutrik's DRAGONFLY connectors are a robust SMPTE hybrid solution for power and data producing an extremely reliable signal. Combined with Furukawa ‘s highly durable fiber cable, Camplex HF-NO assemblies provide dependable performance for all TV camera broadcasting in sports stadiums, outside broadcast trucks, ENG crews, and major entertainment venues.

Choose connectors and mobile or studio version. Also available on reels.

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  •  Robust & Reliable Hybrid Camera Signal Transmission
  •  Transmit UHD 4K & 8K Signals with Very Low Loss
  •  Unique Lensed DRAGONFLY Connectors
  •  Easy Cleaning with Compressed Air & Water
  •  Furukawa’s TV Camera Optical Cable Provides Maximum Bendability
  •  Excellent Flexing and Twist Capabilities
  •  Superior Load Bearing
  •  Comply with SMPTE Standards
  •  Dustproof & Waterproof According to IP68 in Mated State
  •  Bend Radius: 15mm
  •  Ultra-High Abrasion Resistance
  •  DRAGONFLY Connectors - Long Life - 10,000 Mating Cycles

Watch Camplex's Dan Coscarella & Neutrik's David Kuklinski in-depth discussion about the benefits of the opticalCON DRAGONFLY hybrid camera connector system. Here.

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