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Breakout Cables - External

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HF-FUWST-BO-06 Camplex LEMO FUW to Dual ST In-Line Fiber Optic Breakout Cable

A series of external SMPTE Breakout Cables featuring LEMO Hybrid Connectors broken out to standard ST, LC or SC fiber optic connections. Designed for use with HD signals, these cables are compliant with ARIB and SMPTE standards. The external series is designed for studio, stadium or outside broadcast use. Camplex also has a complete line of internal breakout cables when patching between racks or inside of production trucks.

Available Models with duplex SC, ST, and LC fiber optic breakouts:
FUW Straight Plug
FMW Fixed Plug
PUW Free Plug
PBW Fixed Socket

Note: Passive SMPTE fiber breakout cables allow for simple integration using riser rated duplex cables. Some camera/CCU setups may require continuity between the copper conductors found within a SMPTE fiber connector to remain intact. For such scenarios, contact your reseller for assistance.


  •  Premium SMPTE cable 
  •  Senko & Lemo SMPTE connectors
  •  Machine polished fiber contacts
  •  Low insertion and return loss 
  •  SMPTE 311m and SMPTE 304m compliant
  •  Stainless steel assemblies
  •  Rubber dust caps
  •  19.4 Mbps to 3 Gbps transport

Camplex SMPTE Fiber Solutions 

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