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Pro-Tac Series

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Camplex 4-Channel LC Single Mode Fiber Optic Tactical Snake on Reel 500 Ft W/Protective Pulling Sleeve

4-channel singlemode LC ProTac tactical fiber optic cable with polyurethane jacket on a reel features 24 inch fanouts in a protective pulling sleeve withstands multiple deployments in outside broadcast, industrial, mining, and petrochemical environments.

The ProTac fiber deployment reel system is IP68 rated. All assemblies are multi-stage machine polished and tested for <.55db RL.

Due to varying cable diameters and lengths, Camplex reel assemblies will include different features to protect and manage cable ends such as coiling rings, hinged latching doors, or slotted disk dividers.

Part #: HF-TRP04LC-0500
  • Built with OCC Multichannel Tactical Cable & Heavy Duty Connectors with Dust Caps
  • Individual 36-Inch Fanout Channels Protected with Polyurethane Tactical Furcation Tubing
  • Compact, round cable design for ease of transportation and deployment
  • Designed for use in adverse environments where reduced size and weight are important
  • Helically stranded cable core for flexibility, deployment survivability and exceptional mechanical protection for the optical fibers
  • Cables have been tested and are in use in military data communications applications worldwide
  • Can be used outdoors for temporary deployment directly on the ground in all terrains, including severe environments
  • Suitable for outside broadcast, industrial, mining and petrochemical environments - chemical resistant
  • Crush-resistant and resilient with a thick layer of aramid strength members
  • Polyurethane jacketed for abrasion, cut and chemical resistance
  • Meets & Exceeds MIL-PRF-85045 Specifications!
  • Mounting - Hose Clip / Cable Tie
  • Number of Fibers - 4 or 12 channels
  • Connector Types - LC, SC, ST
  • Dimensions - 65mm x 24mm (Excluding cable gland)
  • Temperature Range - -40°C to 85°C
  • Fan-out kit retention - >15 lbs (>66N)
  • Feeder cable retention 100 lbs (450N)
  • Polished to UPC GR 326 Core standard, typical IL< 0.5dB and RL> -55dB