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Multi-Channel Cables & Reels

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High quality, cost-effective multichannel fiber optic cables are designed for multiple deployments for field production using Camplex fiber broadcast tactical fiber and Senko connectors. Highly flexible, tight-buffered tactical cables with internal aramid strength members for crush resistance and a polyurethane outer sheath. All assemblies are multi-stage machine polished and tested for <.55db RL.

Available with Senko ST or LC connectors and 2 or 4 channels.

  •  Indoor/Outdoor rated jacket
  •  Wide temperature range (typically -55°C to 85°C)
  •  500um primary acrylate buffer with 900um secondary hard buffer
  •  Excellent crush and impact resistance due to their polyurethane core-locked outer jacket
  •  Designed to withstand crush and impact after deployment
  •  Strong, lightweight and extremely durable cable
  •  Typical RL <-55dB and IL<0.25dB
  •  Industry Standard Designation: SMF-28
  •  Core/Cladding Diameter (um): 9/125
  •  Wavelength (nm): 1310/1550
  •  Maximum Cabled Attenuation (dB/km): 0.5/0.5
  •  Primary Coating Diameter (um): 500
  •  Secondary Buffer Diameter (um): 900
  •  Typical RL <-55dB and IL<0.25dB