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Tactical Breakout Adapters - opticalCON

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Connect your Neutrik opticalCON DUO/QUAD OM3 Multimode cables to standard LC, ST, SC, LC/APC, SC/APC fiber optic connectors with these in-line adapters.

Rugged ground-tactical cable, ideal for use in harsh environments where repeated deployment and reuse is required. In addition to its durability, the lightweight design is perfect to strap to cameras and other gear.

The total cable is 10 foot while each individual channel fanout is clearly numbered and 2 foot in length for professional use. Supplied with opticalCON rubber dust cap for maximum protection. opticalCON DUO adapters feed out to (2) individual fiber channels while QUAD feeds to (4).


Neutrik NO2-4FDW-A:
Insertion Force    < 45 N
Withdrawal Force: < 45 N
Lifetime: > 5000 Mating Cycles

Neutrik NO4FDW-A:
Insertion Force: < 45 N
Withdrawal Force: < 45 N
Lifetime: > 5000 Mating Cycles    
Locking Device: Push-Pull
Insertion Loss: < 0.5 dB / Connection

D-Series 2-Fiber OM3 Multimode Military Tactical 50 Micron Cable:
Tactical Polyurethane Outer Jacket
Ultra-Fox Plus Fiber
Helically Stranded Cable Core
Thick Layer of Aramid Strength Members