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Riser Rated Cables

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Camplex HF-FMWPBW-R-0025 CMR Riser Rated Camera Cable with LEMO SMPTE Fiber Connectors.

HF-FMW / HF-FUW Riser Rated SMPTE Fiber Cable Multistage cables feature LEMO SMPTE fiber connectors and Camplex UL listed CMR riser rated cable. This SMPTE fiber breakout cable integrates power line for TV camera, control line, and fiber optics for TV broadcast video and audio transmission. All assemblies are multistage machine polished and tested for <.55 db RL.

Permanent indoor installation trays
Conduit or shafts between floors

  •  Camplex C96921 cable is UL listed,  CMR riser rated  
  •  LEMO SMPTE fiber connector
  •  SMPTE 311m and 304M compliant SMPTE fiber cable
  •  Rubber dust caps
  •  Stainless steel assemblies
  •  19.4 Mbps to 3 Gbps transport
  •  Machine polished fiber contacts
  •  Low insertion and return loss 
  •  Conform to LEMO assembly specification for cables terminated to the LEMO 3K.93C assembly and test standard