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opticalCON DUO to Chassis Mount on Hub Fiber Optic Tactical Reel

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The Camplex HF-TROC2 -H series features opticalCON tactical snake assemblies on reels with chassis mount connectors. Designed for field production, digital signage, data, and networking, these assemblies are well-equipped for the harshest environments. Accommodates standard optical LC-Duplex connectors and features push-pull locking connectors, waterproof metal caps, and rubber guards. Heavy-duty tactical reels are included, and assemblies are available in a variety of lengths.


  •  opticalCON assemblies are interferometrically tested to GR-326-CORE end-face standards.
  •  Machine polishing processes provide exceptionally low return loss and insertion loss.
  •  opticalCON features a ruggedized connector body, common LC contacts, and a mechanical shutter system to shield against end-face contamination.
  •  APC Polishing types available upon request.
  •  Machine-polished and tested end faces
  •  Tactical tight buffered PUR Cable
  •  Optical Shutter Mechanism for added protection
  •  Typical back reflection <-55dB
  •  Heavy Duty Tactical Reel 


  •  Applications:
  •  Digital Audio & Video
  •  Digital Signage
  •  Data & Networking
  •  Lighting Control
  •  Deployable, Staging, and Harsh Environment
  •  JVC FS-790 Cameras
  •  Telecast CopperHead, SHED-HDX
  •  MultiDyne Silverback
  •  Overall Specifications:
  •  Tactical, Polyurethane Jacket, 5mm diameter, Black
  •  Nickel Finish Connector Body
  •  50', 100', 164', 250', 328', 500', 656', or Custom


  •  Mechanical Specifications:
  •  Cable Retention Force = 500N
  •  Lifetime >1000 Cycles
  •  Insertion/Withdrawal Force < 45N
  •  Operating Temperature -25°C to +75°C
  •  Minimum Bend Radius = 4cm


  •  Optical Specifications:
  •  Type LC-UPC (Straight Polish)
  •  Cable Loss < 0.5dB/km @ 1310/1550nm
  •  Connector Loss <0.5dB/Connector
  •  Connector Back Reflection -55dB/-45dB RL (typical/max)