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Mixed Mode Cables

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CMX-TASST-0025 TAC-ALL 12 Channel Mixed Mode Fiber Optic Tactical Cable
TAC-ALL 12-Channel Mixed Mode Fiber Optic Tactical Cables and Reels TAC-ALL fiber optic cable includes 12 channels of varied mode fibers in a single jacket: six single mode, four OM3 multimode, and two OM1 multimode. Fibers can be terminated with LC, ST, or a combination of LC and ST connectors. The compact TAC-ALL mil tac cable avoids the expense of separate cables for the use of mixed hardware and cable fiber modes, and simplifies installation and connections. With a cable diameter of 6.5mm/0.26 inches, the rugged, yet lightweight, assembly is ideal for harsh environments in outside broadcast and other applications with limited space, and where deployment and retrieval for reuse is required. 

Available with ST, LC, SC connectors and several standard lengths as well as preloaded on reels. 


  • Built with Multichannel Tactical Cable & Heavy-Duty Connectors with Dust Caps
  • Extremely Strong, Lightweight, Rugged, Tight-Buffered Cables
  • Designed for Military Tactical Field Use and Commercial Applications
  • Core-locked Jacket for Improved Mechanical Performance
  • Polyurethane Jacketed for Abrasion, Cut and Chemical Resistance
  • Thick Layer of Aramid Strength Members for Crush Resistance
  • Designed for Outdoor Adverse Environments Where Reduced Size and Weight are Important
  • Helically Stranded Cable Core for Flexibility and Exceptional Mechanical Protection
  • Chemical Resistance Suitable for Outside Broadcast, Industrial, Mining and Petrochemical Environments
  • Ultra-Fox Plus Fiber (500µm) used for Environmental and Mechanical Protection

Reel or Snake?

Single-mode channels 1-6:

Multi-mode OM3/OM1 channels 7-12:

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