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Dragonfly opticalCON

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Neutrik Dragonfly opticalCON Connectors Neutrik Dragonfly opticalCON Connectors
A More Robust & Reliable Hybrid Camera Signal Transmission

With technology based on fiber lenses and fusion splicing, Neutrik's Dragonfly achieves an extremely robust signal.

Camplex opticalCON DRAGONFLY Fiber Cables

  • Transmit UHD 4K & 8K Signals with Very Low Loss
  • SMPTE Hybrid Solution with Power & Data
  • Unique Lensed Connectors: 2 signal contacts, 2 power contacts, 1 ground contact
  • Dustproof & Waterproof According to IP68 in Mated State
  • Long Life - 10,000 Mating Cycles
  • Easy Cleaning with Compressed Air & Water
  • Easy Switching to Dragonfly - Fits into LEMO Hybrid Cutouts
  • Uses Standard SMPTE 311M Cable

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