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Camplex opticalCON DUO SMPTE 311 Single Mode Fiber Optic Tactical Cable & Reels

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Camplex tactical opticalCON SMPTE fiber cables and reels feature opticalCON DUO connectors and OCC tactical cable designed for rugged commercial use, professional broadcast applications, and field deployment. Machine polishing processes provide meager return and insertion loss while accommodating standard optical LC-Duplex connectors. Due to opticalCON engineering, these assemblies require no additional cleaning tools and are incredibly easy to maintain, available in various lengths and reel options.


  • OpticalCON Assemblies are Interferometrically Tested to GR-326-CORE Endface Standards
  • Tactical SMPTE Cable for Rugged Field Use
  • Machine Polished and Tested End Faces
  • Optical Shutter Mechanism for Added Protection
  • Typical Back Reflection <-55db
  • Heavy Duty Tactical Reel with Side Reel Flange (TR Version Only)
  • Ruggedized and Dirt Protected 2 Channel Fiber Optic Connection System
  • Waterproof Acc. to IP65 in Mated Condition
  • Accommodates Standard Optical LC-Duplex Connectors
  • Cable Connector Features Rugged all Metal Housing and Heavy Duty Cable Retention
  • Excellent Dust and Dirt Protection Due to Automatic Sealing Shutter with Silicone Gasket
  • Reliable Push-Pull Locking Mechanism
  • Easy to Clean, No Tools Required


  • Neutrik OpticalCON DUO, NO2SX
  • OB SMPTE 311M, Polyurethane Jacket, 9.2mm diameter, Black
  • Nickel Finish Connector Body
  • Cable Retention Force = 500N
  • Lifetime >1000 Cycles
  • Insertion/Withdrawal Force < 45N
  • Operating Temperature -25°C to +75°C
    OCC SMPTE Tactical Cable
  • Core/Cladding Diameter (µm): 9/125
  • Wavelength (nm): 1310/1550
  • Maximum Cable Attenuation (dB/km): 0.5/0.5
  • Primary Coating Diameter (µm): 500
  • Secondary Buffer Diameter (µm): 900
  • Zero Dispersion Slope (ps/nm2-km): 0.092
  • Proof Test Level (kpsi): 100
  • Jacket Material: Polyurethane
  • Cable Weight: 144 kg/km (97 lbs/1000')
  • Cable Diameter: 9.2 mm (0.36in)
  • Strength Member: 16 AWG Galvanized Steel, Polyurethane Insulated -Purple