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Camplex Triple SMPTE Stadium Cable

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This inline SMPTE hybrid breakout cable from Camplex provides a more cost effective way to achieve a SMPTE run when connecting two Camplex HYMOD series breakout boxes or two chassis mounted SMPTE breakouts by utilizing standard fiber connectors and power breakouts.

The HF-STBP8 is a triple run for multiple camera wells and stadium installations. It features three duplex ST fiber optic runs and a 6-Pin Amp Power Plugs. Cables are designed with two single mode fibers and, four 20 AWG and two 24 AWG tinned copper conductors with a tinned copper braid shield and an overall flexible PVC jacket. Designed for use with HDTV signals, the camera cable is compliant with ARIB and SMPTE standards.

  • Assembled with Premium SMPTE Cable & Senko Connectors
  • Electrical assemblies 100% tested for continuity and shorts
  • Fiber optic assemblies 100% tested for attenuation and back reflection
  • 19.4 Mbps to 3 Gbps transport
  • Machine polished fiber contacts Low insertion and return loss (Documented)