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Camplex SMPTE Riser Breakout Cable

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A breakout cable is a type of power connector that contains multiple individual cables within a single outer jacket. It is designed to split out or separate the individual cables to connect to different devices or components. Breakout cables are commonly used in various applications, including networking, data centers, telecommunications, and audiovisual systems. The primary purpose of a breakout cable is to simplify cable management and reduce clutter when multiple connections need to be made between equipment located in close proximity. Instead of using separate cables for each connection, a breakout cable allows several cables to be bound together in a single, easy-to-handle power connector assembly. This streamlines installations and helps to maintain a neat and organized cabling infrastructure.

Inline SMPTE hybrid Riser breakout cables from Camplex with duplex LC, dual SC, or dual ST fiber optic breakouts and 6-Pin AMP power connectors are designed for use with breakouts between camera and CCU patches. Breakout cable consists of two single mode fibers, four 20 AWG and two 24 AWG tinned copper conductors cabled around a steel strength element, with an overall tinned copper braid and a flexible PVC blend jacket. Designed for use with HDTV signals, the camera cable is compliant with ARIB and SMPTE standards. Available in a variety of lengths.


  • Assembled with Premium SMPTE Cable & Senko Connectors
  • Electrical Assemblies 100% Tested for Continuity and Shorts
  • Fiber Optic Assemblies 100% Tested for Attenuation and Back Reflection
  • 19.4 Mbps To 3 Gbps Transport
  • Machine Polished Fiber Contacts Low Insertion and Return Loss (Documented)