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Camplex CMX-X2Q QPC QMicro Fiber Optic Assemblies

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These tactical Camplex assemblies feature QPCÆs QMicro Expanded Beam Fiber Optic Connectors, a smaller version of QPCÆs QMini connectors which are designed to meet the requirements of MIL-PRF-83526/20 & /21 Military Specifications. Designed for harsh environments, Expanded Beam fiber optic connectors use non-physical contact fiber optic termini that are fully sealed behind an anti-reflective coated ball lens. By expanding the beam to a large size, this lens enhances optical alignment and minimizes dust, debris, vibration, and other environmental effects. Since the optical surfaces / end faces of the termini do not wear during use, the QMicro connector is small yet incredibly durable, with more than 3,000 mating cycles. Available in Single Mode and Multimode, 2 or 4 Channels and a variety of lengths.


  •  2 Channel / 4 Channel Hermaphroditic Expanded Beam Connector System
  •  Plugs: With and without Rubber Grip, with Straight or 90 Degree Backshell
  •  Receptacles: Jam Nut, Flange Mount, and XLR Compatible Flange Mount, with or without Backshells, QMicro to LC adapter
  •  Intermateability: Tyco Pro Beam Mini, Stratos HMC, Fibreco Mini 2, Telecast MX
  •  Low Profile Receptacle Backshell Available for 2mm Simplex Cables
  •  Sealed to IP68 Rating
  •  Insertion Loss: SM (9/125µm): 0.75-2.0dB Max.
  •  Insertion Loss: MM (50/125µm): 0.50-1.5dB Max.
  •  Insertion Loss: MM (62.5/125µm): 0.50-1.5dB Max.
  •  Return Loss: SM (9/125µm): -34dB
  •  Standard Cable OD: Up to 7.5mm, Extended Heat Shrink Strain Relief up to 9.5mm
  •  Operating Temperature: -46°C to +85°C
  •  Vibration: 10 to 2000Hz / 10g, EIA/TIA-455-11, Condition III and 10 to 2000Hz / 20g / 9g RMS Avg, EIA/TIA-455-11, Condition IV
  •  Mating Durability: 3000 Cycles
  •  Impact: 8 Impacts @ 8FT (2.5MT),EIA/TIA-455-2
  •  Shock: 50g for 11ms, EIA/TIA-455-14, Condition A
  •  IP Rating: QMicro, QMicro45S, QMicro90S Plugs and Receptacles with Backshells: IP68 - Dust Tight, No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact, Water Immersion, 1m |Testing Conditions & Duration – Plug with Dust Cover and Mated Plug / Receptacle, 3 Meters for 24 Hours
  •  Designed to Meet MIL-DTL-83526/20 Military Specification Requirements