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Camplex 12G-SDI over LC Fiber Converter set with RS-485 Function

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The CMX-12GSDI-CTRL is a 12G-SDI UHD audio and video optical converter that offers seamless transmission of 12G-SDI video and RS485 Data signals through a single optical fiber up to 20km. It supports various SDI standards, is energy-efficient (less than 1.5W), and features a robust, aluminum shell. Easily integrated Type-C power supplies and included SFP modules make the CMX-12GSDI-CTRL a reliable choice for your audio and video needs.


  •  Format Compatibility: Supports a wide range of video formats, including HD and SD standards
  •  Precise Clock Management: Advanced clock recovery function ensures stable data regeneration with low jitter
  •  Signal Optimization: Automatic signal equalization for optimal quality and signal integrity
  •  Long-Distance Transmission: Reliable transmission up to 20km using included simplex LC-based SFP modules
  •  Intuitive Status Indicators: Clear status lights provide quick device feedback
  •  USB Power Supply: Conveniently powered via USB for added flexibility
  •  Plug-and-Play: No need for complicated setup or debugging
  •  Supports RS-485 transmission compliant with the EIA RS-485 standard
  •  Single Mode Simplex LC fiber-based SFP modules included
  •  Fiber Type: 9/125um Single Mode
  •  Rate: 12Gbps
  •  Tx Power: 0~-3dB
  •  Rx Sensitivity: -12dB
  •  Fiber Connector: LC
  •  Transmission Distance: Single Mode: 20km / Multimode: 550m
  •  Impedance: 75Ω
  •  Input Level Range: 3.3V - 12V
  •  Output Level Parameters: 0V or 3.3V
  •  Input Current: ≤ 300MA
  •  Input Voltage: 5V
  •  Power Supply Physical Interface: Type C
  •  Power Consumption: < 1.5W
  •  Operating Temperature: -4°F - 167°F (-20°C - 75°C)
  •  Storage Temperature: -40°F - 185°F (-40°C - 85°C)
  •  Dimensions (LxWxH): 2.74 x 2.16 x 1.04 in (both units)
  •  Weight: 6 oz (both units)

    Protocol Standard: SMPTE ST-2082
  •  SMPTE Rate:
  •  270Mbit/s, 1.48Gbit/s, 2.97Gbit/s, 5.94Gbit/s, 11.88Gbit/s
  •  SMPTE 259M, SD-SDI 480i, 576i
  •  SMPTE 344M, ED-SDI 480P, 576P
  •  SMPTE 292M, HD-SDI 720P, 1080i

    Supported Standards (Digital Video Formats):
  •  SMPTE 424M, 3G-SDI, 1080p@60Hz
  •  SMPTE ST-2081, 6G-SDI, 2160p@30Hz
  •  SMPTE ST-2082, 12G-SDI, 2160p@60Hz

    Cable Equalization:
  •  75m at 11.88Gbps
  •  120m at 5.94Gbps
  •  200m at 2.97Gbps

    RS-485 Data Index:
  •  Compliant with the EIA RS-485 Standard
  •  Baud Rate: 50bps to 420kbps (supports non-standard baud rates)
  •  RS485: 2 wire (A, B), half-duplex, point-to-multipoint communication
  •  Interface: Industrial terminal/3.81mm Phoenix Connector
  •  1 x CMX-12GSDI-CTRL Converter Set
  •  2 x Power Supplies
  •  2 x USB to Type-C Power Cables
  •  2 x Single Mode Simplex LC Fiber-based SFP Modules