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HF-OC Neutrik opticalCON Lite Patch Cables, Breakouts, and HF-TROC Neutrik opticalCON Reels Camplex Neutrik opticalCON LITE DUO and QUAD tactical cables reduce the cost of connectivity and provide high performance for patching, device interconnection, and permanent installations. With a compact and lightweight design, Neutrik opticalCON LITE tactical cables feature rugged, push-pull locking mechanisms and extreme bending flexibility, making them ideal for installations where space is limited.

Available in DUO/QUAD patch cables and DUO/QUAD to ST/LC fiber cable connectors, single mode or multimode fiber cable configurations in a variety of lengths as well as pre-loaded on reels. APC configurations also available.

Tactical fiber optic cable reel:
Due to varying cable diameters and lengths, Camplex reel assemblies may include different features to protect and manage cable ends such as coiling rings, hinged latching doors, or slotted disk dividers.


  •  2-Channel multimode fiber cable
  •  Dust and waterproof according to IP65 in mated condition
  •  Bend optimized OM3 fiber
  •  Rugged push-pull locking mechanism with rubber caps
  •  Lifetime 2500 mating cycles
  •  Neutrik Neutrik opticalCON connector with shutter mechanism
  •  Rugged cable retention with aramid yarn strength member
  •  Extremely flexible and crush resistant
  •  Lightweight plastic housing
  •  Compatible with standard Neutrik opticalCON DUO NO2-4FDW-A / QUAD NO4FDW-A

  •  Neutrik opticalCON DUO and QUAD LITE Connectors
  •  Cable Retention > 250 N
  •  Insertion Force < 35 N
  •  Withdrawal Force < 35 N
  •  Insertion Loss < 0.45 dB / connection
  •  Optical Connector 1.25 mm ceramic ferrule
  •  Minimal Bending Radius 3 cm DUO / 3.5mm QUAD
  •  Cladding Diameter 125 &M;m PUR
  •  Number of Fibers 2
  •  Cable Retention Aramid Yarn
Proper Removal of the Neutrik opticalCON Front Shell Assembly