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Breakout Cables - opticalCON

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Camplex HF-OC4M-ST-18IN opticalCON QUAD to Quad ST Multimode Fiber Optic Breakout 18-Inch

HF-OC Breakout Cables Fiber optic breakout cables with polyurethane jackets adapt Neutrik opticalCON DUO or QUAD to ST or LC connectors and are designed for outside broadcast production in harsh environments for digital signage, data, and networking.

Assemblies feature push-pull locking connectors, waterproof metal caps, and rubber guards. Single mode or multimode fiber cable.

  •  Neutrik opticalCON cable assemblies are interfermetrically tested to GR-326-CORE endface standards.
  •  Rugged Neutrik opticalCON connector body with mechanical shutter system to shield against endface contamination
  •  Low return loss and insertion loss
  •  No electrical conductors
  •  Tactical tight buffered PUR cable
  •  Single mode or multimode fiber
  •  Neutrik opticalCON connector & Senko connector
  •  Tactical, polyurethane jacket
  •  Nickel finish connector body

Cable Specifications

  •  Cable Retention Force = 500N
  •  Lifetime >1000 Cycles
  •  Insertion/Withdrawal Force < 45N
  •  Minimum Bend Radius = 4cm

Proper Removal of the Neutrik opticalCON Front Shell Assembly

Single Mode & Multimode Explained

Why are Clean Connections Important?