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Breakout Boxes - opticalCON

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CMX-1RM-MTP12ST opticalCON MTP to 12 ST Female Single Mode Breakout

CMX-NEMA & CMX-1RM Breakout Boxes Rugged breakout boxes adapt Neutrik opticalCON MTP, QUAD, and DUO connectors to standard ST, LC or SC fiber optic connectors.

Available in Two Styles

1 - Lightweight Rack Mountable breakout boxes are made with anodized aluminum and accommodate standard MTP Elite male connectors on the rear for simple installation. single mode only. Includes tethered dust caps.

2- Field Serviceable NEMA breakout boxes feature Neutrik opticalCON MTP, QUAD, or DUO connectors and weatherproof NEMA rated polycarbonate enclosures with rubber gaskets and rubber feet to prevent sliding. Some include a 4-pin XLR power tap. Single mode or multimode fiber cable.

More NEMA Breakout Box Configurations not shown:

CMX-NEMA3M opticalCON DUO NO2-4FDW-A to (2) SC Female Multimode Breakout
CMX-NEMA5 opticalCON DUO NO2-4FDW-A to 2 ST Female & 4 Pin XLR Power Breakout
CMX-NEMA11 opticalCON DUO NO2-4FDW-A to LEMO EDW SMPTE Hybrid Adapter Box


  •  Lightweight boxes
  •  Dust and weather-resistant connectors according to IP65 in mated condition
  •  Low loss Neutrik opticalCon MTP connectors

Rack Mountable Breakout Boxes

  •  Lightweight anodized aluminum box
  •  Accommodates standard connectors on the rear
  •  Tethered dust caps included

NEMA Breakout Boxes

  •  NEMA rated weatherproof polycarbonate box
  •  Rubber gaskets
  •  Rubber feet
  •  Dust caps included