Camplex HF-OC4S-0100 Product Image

Camplex opticalCON QUAD to opticalCON QUAD SingLEMOde Fiber Optic Tactical Snakes

Extremely Rugged & Lightweight OpticalCON QUAD NO4SX to NO4SX Singlemode Tactical Snake Cables. Four Fibers only, no electrical conductors.

Ruggedized opticalCON QUAD fiber optic tactical cables designed for field production in outside broadcast, rental houses and more. The Camplex state of the art fiber optic lab has been designated by Neutrik as a Certified opticalCON Cable Assembler (COCA). This ensures that Camplex technicians are building your cable to the latest training and polishing standards as outlined by Neutrik factory professionals.

The opticalCON system is based on LC connectors but eliminates its weakness and guarantees a safe, dust protected and rugged connection. The opticalCON QUAD is based on the proven opticalCON DUO connection system but with four channels it is optimized for Point-to-Point interconnections and multi-channel routing applications. The system copes with the increasing need for fiber optic channels.

The opticalCON QUAD cable connector accommodates four PC optical channels based on conventional and proven LC connectivity protected by a ruggedized and durable all-metal housing. It features a spring loaded push-pull locking mechanism and an excellent cable retention utilizing aramid yarn. The optical connection is exceptional well protected against dirt and dust by an automatically operated sealing cover. The cable connector comes pre-assembled and is not available as a single component. The cable is available in different lengths and is packed either in a case, on drum or airspool.

Custom Lengths & Configurations Always Available!

  • OpticalCON assemblies are interfermetrically tested to GR-326-CORE endface standards.
  • Machine polishing processes provide exceptionally low return loss and insertion loss.
  • OpticalCON features a ruggedized connector body, common LC contacts and a mechanical shutter system to shield against endface contamination.
  • APC Polishing types available upon request.
  • Machine polished and tested end faces
  • Tactical tight buffered PUR Cable
  • Optical Shutter Mechanism for added protection
  • Typical back reflection <-55dB

  • Applications
  • Digital Audio & Video
  • Digital Signage
  • Data & Networking
  • Lighting Control
  • Deployable, Staging, and Harsh Environment
  • JVC FS-790 Cameras
  • Telecast CopperHead, SHED-HDX
  • MultiDyne Silverback
  • Overall Specifications
  • (2) Neutrik OpticalCon, NO4SX
  • Tactical, Polyurethane Jacket, 5mm diameter, Black
  • Nickel Finish Connector Body
  • 50', 100', 164', 250', 328', 500', 656' or Custom

    Mechanical Specifications:
  • Cable Retention Force = 500N
  • Lifetime >1000 Cycles
  • Insertion/Withdrawal Force < 45N
  • Operating Temperature -25ÝC to +75ÝC
  • Minimum Bend Radius = 4cm

    Optical Specifications:
  • Type LC-UPC (Straight Polish)
  • Fiber Type 9m Single-mode Fiber
  • Cable Loss < 0.5dB/km @ 1310/1550nm
  • Connector Loss <0.5dB/Connector
  • Connector Back Reflection -55dB/-45dB RL (typical/max)



Camplex opticalCON QUAD to QUAD Singlemode Fiber Optic Tactical Cable 100 Foot