Camplex HF-FUWPUW-7-0006 Product Image

Camplex LEMO FUW-PUW with Lightweight Gepco Mini 7.8mm Bend Insensitive SMPTE 311 Fiber Camera Cable - 6 Foot

Lightweight, flexible, and rugged Camplex Mini 7.8mm SMPTE 311 camera cable features 16AWG robust power conductors for high performance in portable applications

Ideal for portable deployments for truck and camera connections when facing weight and space constrictions, the Camplex HF-FUWPUW-7 Mini SMPTE cable assemblies with Gepco HDC720HD 7.8mm cable and LEMO FUW-PUW connectors are smaller and lighter than traditional 9.2mm steel strength member cables. The steel is replaced by a Kevlar strength member that has the same pull strength of steel, but is lighter and more flexible which means they lay flat and are easier to deploy and reel back on the drum. Kevlar expands and contracts at the same rate as the glass members during temperature extremes, keeping the elements in the cable aligned reducing migration. The power conductors consist of two 16 AWG conductors so you can still achieve the same distance a regular SMPTE 311 cable performs to.

The GEPCO cable also features bend insensitive fiber to reduce optical loss when bending and handling making them ideal for use behind racks and in trucks where space is extremely limited. The master jacket of the cable is heat resistant polyurethane, which is tougher than PVC for rugged outdoor use. LEMO certified machine polished fiber contacts are fully protected with Camplex over boots and caps for the most demanding applications for high-speed uncompressed HD video transmissions over long distances.

Available in a variety of lengths.

  • Extremely durable and lightweight
  • 7.8 mm diameter allows for 16% more cable per reel
  • Glossy cable finish reduces pickup of dirt and debris
  • Highly flexible with bend-insensitive optical fibers
  • Kevlarr strength member with same pull strength as steel
  • Large gauge copper conductors for camera power
  • Heat-resistant, heavy duty polyurethane jacket
  • Connects LEMO 3K.93C camera and camera control unit interfaces
  • Terminations by LEMO Certified Technicians
  • Low insertion and return loss (documents provided with each cable)
  • High-definition camera-to-CCU
  • Interconnect
  • Portable cables
  • Studio or remote environments
  • High-definition Steadicams
  • GEPCO SMPTE 311M HDC720HD 7.8 mm polyurethane, black 100% Foil with 2 x 18 AWG (7x26)
  • Optical 2 singlemode bend-insensitive fiber (8.3ohm mode125ohm Cladding)
  • Signal 2 24 AWG (7x32) stranded TC
  • Auxiliary 2 16 AWG (65x34) stranded TC
  • < 0.50 dB/km @ 1310/1550nm
  • -40°C to +75°C (@ 0 to 95% humidity)
  • LEMO FUW and PUW connectors terminated to Mohawk M96818 harsh environment outdoor cable
  • Conform to LEMO assembly specification for cables terminated to the LEMO 3K.93C assembly and test standard.
  • Assemblies are multi-stage machine polished and tested for <-55db RL
  • Electrical assemblies 100% tested for continuity and shorts
  • Fiber optic assemblies 100% tested for attenuation and back reflection



Camplex LEMO FUW-PUW with Lightweight Gepco Mini 7.8mm Bend Insensitive SMPTE 311 Fiber Camera Cable - 6 Foot