Camplex CMX-MTPMMST-003 Product Image

Camplex MTP Elite PC Male to 12 ST PC External AQUA OM3 Multimode Fiber Breakout Cables

The Camplex MTP Elite PC Male to 12 ST PC external breakout cable with OFNP plenum rated jacket ensures low insertion loss and high performance for permanent installations. The MTP Elite connector is broken out to 12 standard ST fibers via a fan out making it ideal for rack-to-rack or rack-to-equipment installations in the studio or for field deployment.

Available in a variety of lengths.

Use in conjunction with Camplex trunk cables, Neutrik opticalCON MTP chassis connectors NO12FDW-A, and Camplex breakout boxes for durability and high performance.

  • Low insertion loss and optimized optical return loss values
  • Designed for permanent external breakout installations
  • ST breakout connectors
  • Made and tested in the USA
  • OFNP plenum rated cable jacket
  • Low loss MTP Elite PC male connectors
  • 12-channel fiber optic connection
  • 2mm furcated breakouts
  • OM3 multimode



Camplex CMX-MTPMMST-003 MTP Elite PC Male to 12 ST PC External OM3 AQUA Multimode Fiber Breakout Cable-3 Foot