Camplex BLACKJACK-SAN2 Product Image

Camplex V-Mount Block Plate (no power) for BLACKJACK-1

An all metal cheese plate that includes an IDX style V-mount V-Block on the bottom for mounting the hosted unit onto a female IDX-Style V-mount. No electrical connections or terminals, just the V-block itself, so power cannot be passed from this to the ATEM or Camera. V-Block can be removed and turned in increments for angled or rotated mounting positions for convenience. Includes all hardware to attach to the BLACKJACK-1. Shipped assembled to BLACKJACK-SAN2 plate as shown and usually ONLY for use with non-powered IDX style "cold" mounting plates.

The BLACKJACK SAN Series of Sandwich Adapter Plates (sometimes referred to as "Cheese Plates") that attach to either the bottom or the top of the BLACKJACK-1 and allow additional mounting of other various camera support hardware with an abundance of laser-cut holes in various configurations and patterns, the uses and options are limitless.