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Splitter Cables

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Camplex CMX-MM1X2LC-001 OM3 50u Multimode LC Fiber Optic 1x2 Splitter Cable

Fiber optic fused splitters to split optical signal for routing to multiple devices, inputs, or patch panels with LC fiber assemblies. Available in singlemode or multimode, 1x2 splitters provide 100 to 50/50 split or 1x3 splitters provide 100 to 33/33/33 split.

Part #: CMX-MM1X2LC
  • OM3 50u multimode fused optical splitter
  • LC fiber assemblies split 1 into 2 signals
  • 100 to 50/50 split
  • Splits optical signal for routing to multiple devices or inputs
  • Operate with 850nm and/or 1300nm
  • Can be used with Neutrik NZPFD-2