Camplex HF-T1SM-ST-0010 Product Image

Camplex TAC1 Simplex Singlemode ST Fiber Optic Tactical Cables

Extremely Rugged & Lightweight Single Channel ST Simplex Singlemode Tactical Cables for Broadcast & Pro-Audio Applications!

This single channel tactical cable is designed for Military Tactical deployment applications and meets all outdoor tactical needs for broadcast applications requiring an outdoor rated crush and impact resistant design. The tough Polyurethane Core-Locked design is perfect for any situation where ordinary PVC jacket cables do not provide adequate protection in the field. Featuring Senko ST and LC premium fiber connectors. All assemblies are machine polished and interferometer tested to industry standards. All products are 100% tested and a complete set of test documentation of your cable is avaialbe upon request.

SC, LC and FC UPC and APC connectors are also available. Custom Lengths & Configurations Always Available!

  • Broadcast Deployable
  • Indoor/Outdoor rated jacket
  • Typical RL <-55dB and IL<0.25dB
  • Wide temperature range (typically -55°C to 85°C)
  • 500µm primary acrylate buffer with 900µm secondary hard elastomeric buffer (Ultra-Fox Plus)
  • Excellent crush and impact resistance due to their polyurethane Core-Locked outer jacket
  • Designed to withstand crush and impact after deployment
  • Strong, lightweight and extremely durable cable
  • Industry Standard Designation: Single-Mode ITU-T G.652.A
  • Core/Cladding Diameter (µm): 9/125
  • Wavelength (nm): 1310/1550
  • Maximum Cabled Attenuation (dB/km): 0.5/0.5
  • Primary Coating Diameter (µm): 500
  • Secondary Buffer Diameter (µm): 900
  • Zero Dispersion Slope (ps/nm2-km): 0.092
  • Proof Test Level (kpsi): 100
  • Typical RL <-55dB and IL<0.25dB



Camplex TAC1 Simplex Singlemode ST Fiber Optic Tactical Cable - 10 Foot