Camplex HF-STEADICAM-03 Product Image

Camplex HF-STEADICAM-03 LEMO FUW-PUW Low Profile 4.2mm SMPTE Hybrid Fiber Steadicam Camera Cable - 3 Foot

The Steadicam Series from Camplex series features 4.2mm diameter hybrid fiber cable, half the size of traditional studio SMPTE, and an allowable minimum bend radius of 1 inch. This makes these cables especially well suited for jib operators, portable broadcast cameraman and patch panels scenarios where weight bend radius are often a consideration.

These special fiber/copper composite cables consist of two tight buffered singlemode optical fibers. These are cabled around a jacketed stranded steel strength element, with an overall tinned copper braid, 80% min coverage, and a black Dura-FlexTM jacket. Terminated in our LEMO Certified shop with FUW and PUW connectors, the HF-STEADICAM is a reliable short distance interface between the camera and standard SMPTE cables for transmitting signal.

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Meets SMPTE standard for hybrid electrical and fiber optical camera cable
  • Rugged LEMO push-pull self-latching connectors with dust caps
  • Low insertion and return loss (test documentation available on request)
  • Cut through and water-resistant polyurethane jacketed cables
  • Terminations by LEMO Certified Technicians
    NOTE: Maximum available length is 10 feet. See HF-FUWPUW-7 for any length over 10 feet.
  • M97176 Mohawk 4.2mm SMPTE Hybrid Copper/Fiber Optic Cable
  • LEMO 3K.93C connector assembly and test standard.
  • Electrical assemblies 100% tested for continuity and shorts
  • Fiber optic assemblies 100% tested for attenuation and back reflection



Camplex HF-STEADICAM-06 LEMO FUW-PUW Low Profile 4.2mm SMPTE Hybrid Fiber Steadicam Camera Cable - 6 Foot