Camplex HF-FCS01A-MR-SC Product Image

Camplex FCS015A-MR Hybrid Fiber Optic Receptacle Cable SMPTE/ARIB w/ SC - Male 1ft

Certified Multistage Machine Polished Cables Exceeding SMPTE Specifications !

Camplex SMPTE Canare FC-Series to Duplex Fiber & 6-Pin AMP Power Internal Distribution Cables. Internal distribution breakout cables for Panel Mounting in Blank Panels or as a Replacement in Hybrid Devices. Order these pre-terminated SMPTE hybrid breakout cables with Canare FC-Series connectors feeding out to choice of duplex ST, SC or LC optical connectors with power. Power breakouts feature copper leads wired to AMP connectors or blunt ends. Perfect for use in SMPTE rack panels, splice trays, adapters and wall boxes. Breakout series is UPC machine polished to meet or exceed all SMPTE 304M/311M standards. Assembled with premium Belden or Furukawa super flexible US SMPTE standard studio broadcast cable. This composite cable integrates power line for TV camera, control line, and optical fiber for video and audio transmission. The cable is standardized by SMPTE for HDTV Broadcast camera use. Cables consists of two single-mode optical fibers, four 20 AWG and two 24 AWG tinned copper conductors cabled around a steel strength element, with an overall tinned copper braid. This general purpose cable is used for studios, patching and light to medium field use. A flexible PVC blend jacket allows for ease of use within the studio.

  • Assembled with Premium SMPTE Cable & Canare and Senko Connectors
  • Industry standard cables
  • Terminated & assembled in our state-of-the-art fiber lab by Canare trained & certified technicians
  • Electrical assemblies 100% tested for continuity and shorts
  • Fiber optic assemblies 100% tested for attenuation and back reflection
  • SMPTE 311M and 304M compliant
  • Stainless steel assemblies
  • Rubber dust caps
  • 19.4 Mbps to 3 Gbps transport
  • Machine polished fiber contacts
  • Low insertion and return loss (Documented)



Camplex FCS015A-MR Hybrid Fiber Optic Receptacle Cable SMPTE/ARIB w/ SC - Male 1ft